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Follow me on Spotify and Pre-Save my new album: Then... Love.

I made this thing so you can pre-save my new album and follow me in your Spotify!

(I tried to find a way to make my own pre-save link, but Spotify is actually really controlling about letting their code out. They basically force you to go through a third party in order to make the pre-save.)

Anyway, it would be really great if you pre-saved and followed me on Spotify. When radio stations make decisions about who to play, they often use the number of followers on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram. For them it's like a metric for how much work the artist has put in it. In the past twenty years I have put a lot of work into music. I taught myself how to play guitar, record music, and make a sound that's my own. Now, I'm trying to learn how to promote my music and get it heard in more places. Pre-saving and following will help me get there.


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