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The story Behind the Novel


Back Cover Teaser

What would you do if you thought your words would end the world?

Faced with this burden, Doobie Hugh Lyte locked himself away in drugs and a mental ward for the good of life on Earth. But now his words foresee an escape in the form of brownies and a trio of misfits. Terese Flannigan bakes the brownies, sure in her desire to help others and prone to bouts of intuition. Maximus Kinsky sells prosthetic devices which is fitting given his ability to lie and his lack of a second arm. Bartholomew Schaff is a boyish man afraid of his sexuality, class warfare, inequality, and being boring. Doobie’s visions will entangle the trio with a coke-addled crime boss, Iraq-war veterans, the Queen of the Universe, highly potent marijuana, and Oprah. The end is near, but who’s closer.

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