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First Chapter of The Potential of Zeroes ready for your ears!

It's finally happening. I'm ready to start sharing this novel I wrote called, The Potential of Zeroes. You'll notice that I haven't italicized the title. That's because I haven't formally published it yet. This must be like the tenth revision I've made for this thing. This is the last one. Here's my plan for publication as of right now.

1. Finish editing the last thirty pages.

2. Record, read and post the first three chapters on YouTube and my website.

Chapter 1 (Available now! Check out the YouTube video below.)

Chapter 2 (Available July 4)

Chapter 3 (Available July 7)

3. Create a Kickstarter to raise some funds to publish the novel.

(One of the perks for high-end contributors will be a poem on any given topic or a letter to a question or thought written to the contributor from any of the characters in the novel.)

4. Publish the novel through BookBaby.

5. Reach out to readers on Amazon, GoodReads, Reddit, FB, Twitter etc.

6. Get copies of the book in local bookstores across the state of Colorado

7. Get friends and/or media representatives to review the book

8. Plan events/readings at various bookstores

I'm going to make it happen! Here's the first chapter! I hope you'll follow me (and maybe offer words of encouragement) through this process.

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