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Invention Idea: "Smart" Boxes within Google Slides

I spent a large portion of my day working on a lesson about classifying matter. I like to use Google Slides to set up these lessons because using Google Classroom makes it easy to share the lesson with all my students and other teachers. Being able to create visuals quickly and easily using the plethora of visuals already created saves me a massive amount of time. One of the key features of using Google Classroom is that it delivers a personal copy of the assignment to each student. From classroom I can then view each student's progress in real time and offer feedback. I can ask questions within the slide to help students refine their thinking. It's really cool, but I have more than 120 students and I don't have the time to offer individual feedback to every student on every assignment.

Here's the invention idea: make an extension within Google Slides so that as you're creating a presentation you can insert a special answer text box or "smart" box. Anything written in the "smart" box from each students' answer for a question asked within the slides would be sent to a spread sheet. From the spread sheet you can use the Flubaroo add-on to grade the assignment automatically. So basically it would be like taking all the functionality of Google Slides and embedding Google Forms within it using a "smart" box.

I would use GFormIt, but it doesn't allow for the easy input of graphics, which Slides does. And Script Editor does not exist for Slides currently. Does anybody know if something like this already exists?

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