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Throwback Thursday: Old Writings Shared

This is where I dig into my old laptop from my broke post-college days and see if I can find some old piece of writing that's not overwhelmingly embarassing. It's actually a challenge because I never had a legit version of windows back in the day. So it runs super slow because it needs to remind me how my copy of windows is not genuine like every five seconds. It also has only 9 GB free out of 148 GB which is apparently a no-no on such an old deviceI thought I had it saved on an external drive, but my writing stuff is not there. I might have to deal with the fact that I could lose a bunch of old work. Good news! The old laptop is not randomly shutting down the way it usually does. Files are transferring. Oooh! Found my old Cancer Biology Lecture Notes. Get ready IB Biology. Ok attepmpting to load actual documents. Are you ready? Here we go!


Oops. This took about an hour longer than I wanted it to take. I guess I'll try it again next Thursday.


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