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Invention Idea: The Nap Shop Stop

Hello and welcome to the Nap Shop Stop, your comfy spot to sleep on the go. We're located in the center of your local metropolis so that you may get that revitalizing nap before your big meeting downtown doing businessy things. Are you worried about cleanliness? Well we are too. That's why we have a fully operational laundromat where we wash all the linens after every nap. Did you get an annoying guacamole stain on your I'm-the-boss outfit? No worries. We'll wash it for you while you nap. Did you forget your pajamas? We got you covered. Choose from a variety of flannel prints which you can take home with you after your nap or donate them to a local homeless shelter. (The homeless need comfortable sleepwear too, right?) Does your employer offer a flex plan? You may qualify to have your boss pay for your nap. According to the CDC insufficient sleep is a public health problem. Be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time for your significant other? Surprise them with a reservation for a partners nap during lunch. No marriage license required ;) Your nap is your business; not ours. And the sheets are going to get a thorough wash anyway. Seriously, we use so much bleach. You can designate your sleep time and wake up method. We are very accomodating and promise to meet your every need even if the only way you'll wake up is by having a person in a gorilla costume throw a seemingly endless number of bananas in your general direction. We have the costume, but we promise not to use it unless you request it. So if you're feeling a serious lag in your body's operating system, but you still need to kick it into overdrive to meet the boss's deadline, don't waste all that time driving in traffic, come take a nap. We promise you'll feel better.


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